Improve Your Game: Shooters

Most of us are used to play shooters because they are fun, entertaining and a great way to keep in touch with your mates. Halo: Reach is a really fun game, if you have an Xbox 360 chances are you are playing it these days. Plus Medal of Honor is also coming really soon and Call of Duty: Black Ops next month, so if you are a fan, chances are you will be playing a lot of shooters the rest of the year. I’m neither expert nor a pro gamer but with time I’ve learned that there are some small things you can do to improve your shooting skills, and I’ve decided to share them with you, see if they work for you as they do for me.

Be comfortable.
First rule is to be comfortable before even starting. Take a shower if you need it, get your favorite pants, a comfy t-shirt and whatever your wardrobe has for you. If you are comfortable you will be focused on the game and other things like you are cold or want to take your shoes off as you are playing.

You also need to choose a good sitting spot, I find leather couches a really good option for gaming because the keep sweating at minimum and offer space for you to move while playing but if you are rocking a little garden chair it’s good as long as you are happy with it.

I don’t really suggest playing this kind of games while on the bed or the floor. There are so many physical distractions you could experiment as; the rug is dirty, the floor is cold, my arm went numb and so on. If you play like this then you must be used to this kind of things by now but if you want to try it out, I’d say it’s better to play while sitting.

Definitely a good place to game.

Warm up.
You don’t want to have a trigger finger or carpal tunnel syndrome, right? Well then it is really important to take 5 minutes before a long gaming session to warm your hand up. Simple and repetitive motions can help out a lot; open and close your hands, stretch your fingers, keep your hands warm at all moment. This will not only prevent injuries but will improve your performance a little bit.

Play casual before going hardcore.
I’ve discovered playing one of the so-called casual games is a great way to get your eyes and brain prepared for the shootout. Choose whatever you want. I love playing Plants VS Zombies, but games as UNO or even Viva Piñata are also great to get you started and ready for the shooting festival.

Know your role.
If you feel better playing by yourself skip this, but chances are you are going to play some team matches so you better start doing what you do best. Are you a mean killing machine? Do you feel comfortable playing support roles? Are you really patient and effective enough with the sniper rifle? Ask yourself some basic questions about your performance and adapt to your current team style. Voice chat doesn’t cost extra either so use it whenever possible.

You already spent money on them. Use them.

Take short breaks whenever needed.
Some say you should take a quick 15-minute break every hour. Truth is you should, but you probably won’t always do it. Just know that there are situations that need you to take a break; Stay hydrated; if you have dry lips you are definitely not properly hydrated, water is the best option of course. Take a break to go to the bathroom whenever needed and consider doing it whatever the situation, if you really need it.

Get out before it gets worse.
Your eyes burn, you feel sleepy and you are starting to have really bad games? Stop playing; it’s time to retire. You may be tired or having a bad day, it happens to everybody, so don’t feel bad. Get out of there, you will be back to the battlefield soon enough.

Yes, better go to bed son.

Some of these tips are useful for general gaming, but I find myself taking this seriously when I play shooters. These are just some ideas of dozens you could think of and you probably have your own tips and tricks so why not sharing them with the P*N community?

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  • Damn good article! 🙂

  • Steven Buccini (pickanumber123)

    Don’t get too aggressive, ESPECIALLY in Call of Duty. Wait for your teammates, never run out without another person.