Google TV: Pre-Order At $299

Google and Logitech announced pricing today for the forthcoming Logitech Revue TV Appliance.  The $299 price tag includes the “black box” and a keyboard remote with integrated touch pad.   Promising to make TV smarted, users will be able to search for content on the internet and watch it directly on their TV.  With applications for Netflix, Pandora, Twitter, Napster and CNBC all ready to roll out, and many more on the way, one has to ask – is this targeted at enhancing existing cable or satellite service – or replacing it altogether?

Google has also started a dedicated blog for Google TV where more details will be revealed as we approach the undisclosed release date.  The Logitech Review can be pre-ordered from Logitech at their website where they are offering free two business day shipping.

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  • Aries

    Wow I remember a little device that did the same thing in 1998 called webtv by MSN and it did great for those who couldn’t afford a home computer at the time. But didn’t take off as expected. Not with netbooks going at 99 dollars and up and smart phones that stream movies, you got to wonder, is this really going to go anywhere??