Halo Movie Back On Track?

Who would have thought that Halo: Reach grossing $200 million on the first day would kick the Halo movie back into gear? Apparently that’s exactly what happened. Steven Spielberg, in association with DreamWorks, is attempting to obtain the rights to the franchise again.

Spielberg is attempting to sidestep the quicksand that the Halo movie got trapped in the first time through the Hollywood machine. He’s doing this by optioning the novelizations of the games instead of the games themselves. This should allow him to get the film back on track.

Of course, there are still a myriad of things that could go wrong, so this is by no means a sure thing. It is the first bit of positive news to come out of the Hollywood about the Halo movie since Microsoft had the scripts delivered to the studios by Master Chief himself. Let’s hope it’s not the last.


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