New Trailer And Release Date For Nail’d

Not only has a release date been announced for the upcoming off-road arcade racer, but a pricing point you might just like.  First we will start of with the release date so mark your calender for November 30, 2010 as that is right around the corner for you adrenaline junkies out there to get some high flying fast paced racing on.  So what about the pricing point I skimmed over?  How does $49.99 for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 sound and how does $39.99 for the PC racers.  Here is some more info on release dayes for those not in North America:

nail’d will ship to North American stores on November 30, 2010. Germany will get nail’d in November followed by France, Italy, Spain and Benelux on January 14, 2011 and the UK, Italy, Spain and Nordic territories on February 4, 2011.

Don’t forget to check out the video below.

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  • wonder why there is a delay of around 4 months before the UK gets this

  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    Because you tossers drive on the wrong side of the road so they have to redo the physics for the game. lmao!

    • LMAO. I think you will find we drive on the correct side, it is youu guys who drive on the right side, which is the wrong side 🙂