Obama, Palin, Bush And More In NBA Jam!

Thinking back on the great days of the 90’s playing NBA Jam was purely awesome. The crazy impossible dunks and mindblowing colors of the hoops and basketballs as your playing just made the game simple plain unadulterated fun. Looks like EA has captured some of that original luster and charm in this brand new edition of NBA Jam, trying to pack it with as many popular characters as possible.

I am just sitting here trying to control my laughs when I see Obama’s big head on that little body dunking from what looks like 75 feet in the air as Biden runs away looking clueless. Trey Smith the creator of NBA Jam is keeping things kind of unwraps about how to go about unlocking the players, but that’s the whole fun in the game is well…playing…

It looks like its just a great time, one reason is because it gets away from the intense games you see how a days (i.e. Halo, Call of Duty, etc) and just get to back to the old school days of something kind of liberating. I don’t know about you but when this thing comes out for the Wii, even though I can’t stand it from time to time, I’m going to start wasting some major time catching some insane air, dunking on Palin and Bush.

What about you gamers (guys and girls of course) out there, what games from the past or present or bother do you find to just be a nice time waster and overall good time?

Source: ESPN

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