Weekly Trivia – Round #22

Welcome back to Platform Nation’s weekly trivia. Today marks the 22nd episode of this fun little article. You know the drill by now. See if you can master the trivia questions, impress your friends, defeat your enemies, and save the princess.

  1. Other than the United States, name a country that has not banned any video games to date.
  2. What game in Australia, originally rated MA15+, was later banned upon appeal from their Federal Attorney General?
  3. Germany has banned a number of games that feature this common element.
  4. What country has banned all electronic games?
  5. Which upcoming video game has had playable Taliban characters removed after receiving protests?
  6. Which video game has been banned in the most countries?
  7. This unlikely game received protests due to music issues that made reference to Mohammad.
  8. What computer game has caused deaths of players in Korea due to their long game play sessions?
  9. What is the most common reason that results in a video game being banned?
  10. What is the infamous name given to the device that bans players in Bungie video games?

    Thanks again for playing and I hope that you’ll join me next week for the next installment.

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