Gears of War 3 Beta Coming In 2011

In a multiplayer preview with IGN, it’s revealed that Gears of War 3 WILL have a multiplayer ‘beta’.
From the article:

Although there’s no precise date set for the beta just yet, Fergusson says it’s scheduled for early 2011.

Among the news of the beta we learn about a lot of the great additions/upgrades to the Gears multi-player experience. Along with the new weapons, game mode tweaks, ‘persistent parties’, and overall gameplay enhancements, the best thing for the online user base has got to be the news of dedicated servers. Yes,  Gears 3 will have dedicated servers ladies and gentlemen! With so much information bursting out of the seams, this is a must read preview for anyone that has wanted some serious change to come to the Gears franchise.


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