Killzone 3 Public Beta

Killzone 3 is still months away from release, but Guerrilla Games recently announced a Public Beta Trial slated for October 25, 2010. It’ll be an opportunity for avid fans to thoroughly test the multiplayer aspect of the game and provide some valuable feedback to the developers.

Unfortunately, there is an exception to this particular beta. Besides key media outlets, it will only be open to PlayStation Plus subscribers. For non-subscribers, it will require quite a bit of luck. First, Guerrilla Games will only dole out 300 codes. Second, they’re splitting these codes evenly between SCEE and SCEA territories. The opportunity to sample Killzone 3 multiplayer mode, such as the ‘Operations’ game type, party system and jetpack, will be enough for fans to go scrambling for these elusive codes. Based on Guerrilla Games’ announcement, your best bet is to follow them on Twitter or keep a close eye on their website.

If you don’t like your chances, you can hedge your bets by subscribing to PlayStation Plus, even if it will cost you a pretty penny. Or just wait for the game to come out.

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