Sega In New York City Part 2

When you hear the name Sega you think Sonic and vice versa.  As this is part 2 of my NYC Sega Event I saved all things Sonic for this part.  So hold on and let me tell you a little more about everyone’s favorite hedgehog.

Sonic Free Riders: So what is free about this new Sonic game?  You are free from using a controller in this fast paced game for Kinect.  Sonic Free Riders utilizes the soon to be released Kinect for the Xbox 360 as you race as your favorite character.  Now first I will tell you I am not a fan of the Kinect as I have had some bad experiences with it, but this game was very responsive even with the noise and other people being in the scope of the Kinect.  If you are a fan of skateboarding games and you didn’t buy that plastic peripheral that was around last year, this game is for you.  From kicking to gain speed to making that awesome jump up and over some well placed ramps this game is fun from the word go.  You will have 5 game modes to choose from and that includes a single player story mode and of course a co-op mode.  This game would make an excellent addition to the family library of Kinect titles as Sonic Free Riders will be fun for all ages.

Key Features:

Kinect for Xbox 360 controls – Turn, twist and jump, as you speed your way to the finish line! Use your whole body to take full control of a variety of hoverboards and bikes.

Easy to pick up and play – Fun for all ages! Compete with family and friends in single and multiplayer modes, each with their own unique race rules.

Customization – Customize your board and bike with unlockable gear and unlock upgrades to increase your speed, skills, and special abilities.

Unforgettable Characters – Race as Sonic, Tails, Dr. Eggman and more, including your personal Avatar!

Pick-ups & Weapons – Add even more excitement to each race with item pick-ups! Reach out and grab a variety of rockets, bowling balls, traps and more to knock your rivals off-course. Throw, shake, or swing to launch and give yourself the competitive edge.

Over-the-top Environments – Race through epic settings including sun-drenched resorts, deep winding canyons, glimmering waterfalls and majestic ancient ruins, each with their own unique traps and surprises around every corner.

Sonic Free Riders will release 11/4/2010.

Sonic Colors: So what does Dr. Eggman have up his sleeve this time?  Well as always he is setting out for world domination and Sonic’s adventure begins as he trys to find out what is going on in Dr. Eggmans new amusement park.  Sonic knows he is up to no good and he sets out to explore Dr. Eggmans’  amusement park that is created just outside of Sonic’s home planet.  Your interstellar amusement park ride continues as you explore further in the amusement park to find that the evil Doctor has taken Wisps hostage and he is using them for their colorful energy. If you remember Sonic at all you will love this game as it takes us into 3D worlds and than back to 2D.  This will be one of those Wii titles that you will be able to pick up and not put down as the game play seems to become addicting as you press further into the game and see what Dr. Eggman has plotted next.


• Non-stop high-speed action
• Collect and engage the new power-ups derived from the colored energy of the Wisps!
• Unique Color Power for Wii™ and Nintendo DS™
• Perfect blend of 3D & classic 2D perspectives on Wii, and solid 2D dual-screen gameplay on Nintendo DS!

This is a great Wii title that is set to hit store shelves November 16th in the US.

Sonic 4 Episode 1: Now here is a title that at one point or another you will most likely be picking up as it is for XBLA, PSN, iPhone/iPod Touch, and WiiWare.  I think we have them all covered there so let’s hear a little more about the sequel that Sonic fans have been waiting for.  Sonic 4 will pick up where you might have left off if you played Sonic and Knuckles.  Sonic this time sets out on his own and to his surprise Dr. Eggman is still alive and Sonic’s new adventure begins.  Sonic 4 pays homage to the old school gamers and the new generation gamers and mashes it all into one game and  from what I seen they did it right.  You will still have some of Sonic’s signature moves as you play through this 2D saga.  They have added things that the next generation players are used to seeing such as a world map after each level that you complete to something the old school gamers like and that is to proceed right to the next level and keep the fast-paced action going.  The pricing points will be the norm PSN $9.99 and 1200 MSP XBLA, 1500 Wii Points and $9.99 for your iPhone/iPod Touch.  Now I have a little problem as this is named Episode 1 and no details of how many episodes will be made available, so how much will I be spending in the long run.  With that aside this game looks and plays fabulous.  The game brought me back to when I first picked up a Sonic game and I still love it as much as I did than.


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  • i know all of nyc is home to all my female sega characters, but new york seems
    to be corrupted by all evil , like the anti freedom fighters, and most of all
    home of arkham asylum the house of the insane gifted , because, i, brandin lee
    detroy , don’t wanna go to that prison , but i know it’s home to the fab four the ninja turtles but the evil shredder and the evil dr. eggman act like it’s their city, and home of spawn’s city crime alley, aka rat city,

  • Someone

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