Enslaved Launch Trailer

We need our American readers to jump ahead a few sentences as today is launch day for Enslaved in Europe.  To celebrate, Platform Nation are bringing you the launch day trailer.

Haven’t heard of Enslaved?  Where have you been?  Well, maybe that’s your secret but let us bring you up to speed;

Set 150 years in the future, ENSLAVED takes place in an unrecognizable America, where war and destruction have ravaged the population leaving few human survivors and a world reclaimed by nature. Mysterious slave ships roam the land, capturing the dwindling population for unknown purposes and taking them out west, never to return. Technologically savvy young Trip and strong brutish Monkey are two survivors who have both been imprisoned by one of these slave ships. Trip manages to escape by using her mental prowess while Monkey, uses his raw physical power to tear through his confines. Trip knows that she can not make it safely back home on her own, but believes that Monkey is her only chance to survive. She hacks into a slave headband and fits it on Monkey to link them together – if she dies, he dies… Her journey has now become his.

Ok , American’s you can tune back in.  Let the Europeans know what they can expect as they pick up Enslaved today.  Is it a game of the year contender, a solid adventure game or a total flop?

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