Predicting The Future

Something I have long known about myself is that I am an instant gratification person. Especially when it comes to the entertainment medium. When I know a game is coming out that interests me, I will go out and purchase it, most of the time with in the first week of launch. Nothing really wrong with that, however in the long run, it hurts my wallet more.

This month is a big month for games. Not even so much new games, or games you haven’t heard of, but games that have been around a while now. Off the top of my head I know that Borderlands, Uncharted 2, and Grand Theft Auto IV will all have some sort of GOTY/Collectors Edition coming out. This made me start to question my purchasing techniques.

Borderlands GOTY edition will come with not only the original boxed copy of the game but all of the previous downloadable content packs. Also it was recently announced that purchasing it gives you early access to the Duke Nukem Forever demo, somewhere down the line. All of this for the regular price of $60.  I had Borderlands, I really liked that game. However Mad Moxxie turned me off, and I never felt like playing that one. So when I was done with it, I sold it off. In the past couple weeks I have gotten a crazy urge to play that game again. So guess what, next week I am going to purchase it again. Fallout 3 is another game that fell into that category. I played it when it first came out, and was not impressed. So I sold it off. Then pretty much a year later, I wanted it back. I went to the store and picked up the GOTY collection with all the DLC right there in the box.

Now you could go ahead and argue that I am part of the problem with selling back used games and then the developers not getting money from it, but that’s utterly not true. If anything devs LOVE me. Why shouldn’t they? I not only bought the game once, I am going to purchase it TWICE.

The problem though lies in the initial purchase. Even as I write this, I am thinking about Red Dead Redemption and the fact that it too will probably have a GOTY box out later this year. Am I too quick to pull the trigger and make my purchase? If I would have held out longer I could have gotten twice the content for almost half the price. This is the case for my Uncharted 2 purchase. I loved that game, but for whatever reason I never bought it. Tuesday I will be picking it up for LESS than the regular price and getting all kinds of extras along with it. Sweet Deal!

I’ve been playing games long enough now that before a game even comes out I am pretty good at spotting the ones that will stick around for a while. My problem is that I know I should hold out for better packaging down the line but I just can’t. The strange thing is that the games I have REpurchased, I know will stay in my library forever. I will probably never sell them off to anyone. I am not sure if it is the simple fact that I thoroughly enjoy them, or if its more the simple fact that I let it go once, but not again.

So my question is this; How many games are sitting in your library right now that you have purchased more than once. I know that over the past twenty to twenty five years of gaming I have managed to pick up at least four different copies of Final Fantasy, and a friend of mine owns Peggle on every platform it is available. Is this some strange compulsion to give money away, or is it the simple fact that I have to have the best I can get in my video games?

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  • hellodb

    I cant count how many times I’ve bought Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and L4D. Bioshock, I’ve bought, sold, bought a dozen of times. It’s to the point that I’ve decided I’m no longer trading in games unless I’m seriously strapped for some cash.

  • bubbabvi

    I have bought sold and repurchased borderlands. I also love uncharted 2, never bought it for some reason. and am now going to buy goty edition. As for fallout 3, i hate that game with a passion, but after i play it, months later i feel the urge to play it again. There i several games i have bought then sold and am now wishing i had not sold them and even thought of buying them again. Like infamous, uncharted 1, arkham asylum, dirt, farcry 2. And yes i will never sell borderlands again. Untill Borderlands 2 anyways. Also when they start making multiple games in a series, like uncharted 1 uncharted 2, infamous 1, and 2. I feel the need to own the whole series. One last note, I owned shadow of the colossus on ps2. that game and the ps2 are long gone, but when the ico and shadow of the colossus pack for the ps3 comes out i will be buying it.