Fable III: Kingmaker

Heard of Fable? Own a smartphone? Then this game should interest you as Lion Head (creators of the Fable universe) has announced a mini game for smart phones entitled ‘Fable III: Kingmaker’. In this game/ app you place flags for your chosen side, either Royals or Rebels in key real-world locations in order to gain in-game currency for Fable III before it releases later this month. Kingmaker relies upon the gio-tagging/ geo-location software to track your position and those of your flags. Check out the trailer below:

Available in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Sweden – “Fable III: Kingmaker” will be available on Windows Phone 7: the only phone that lets you play games with Xbox LIVE – when it’s released across Europe this holiday. From Monday 4th October it will roll out on a number of operating platforms as a free application download* on over 60 devices***. For more information on smart phone compatibility, please visit

The trailer gives an insight into how you play and earn coins to spend in Fable III and also shows the application running on a Windows Phone 7 device. I quite like this idea both the geo-location aspect and that price tag (it’s free). The game is already available for Android smart phones so if own an Android phone, simply head over to the Fable III: Kingmaker website for details on how to download and install the game.


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  • Jadon

    It still not out on iPhone