F3AR Teaser Trailer – The Almaverse

Check out this new trailer showing us all a glimpse inside Alma Wade’s mind. The Almaverse is inhabited by the demented creations and although she had it under control in both F.E.A.R and F.E.A.R. 2, this time around gamers will fell the full force. This is due to the fact that Alma is now pregnant and the closer she gets to giving birth the more terrifying the Almaverse gets.

F.E.A.R. 3 will be released on the Xbox 360, PS3, and Windows PC and maybe by that stage we will know whether to refer to the game as F.E.A.R. 3 of F3ER.  As well as continuing the franchise with a narrative that will once again scare the player, F3AR introduces co-operative play. Check out the confirmed features:

  • Blood Runs Deep, F.E.A.R. Runs Deeper: F.3.A.R delivers all the hallmarks that define the F.E.A.R. brand: terrifying paranormal horror, frenetic combat, and a dramatic storyline.
  • Never Face Fear Alone: F.3.A.R. evolves the brand, introducing Divergent Co-op: deep, social gameplay that gives players distinctly different abilities that affect their own play as well as the experience of gamers they are playing with…or against.
  • Frenetic Combat: Active 360 degree cover, evolutionary slow-mo modes, phasing portal systems and best in class mech combat aid players in facing an army of soldiers and paranormal enemies.
  • Experience the Almaverse: The game world is tainted by the Almaverse, the alternate dimension where Alma’s psychic essence subsists. New sinister and fantastical enemy creatures birthed in Alma’s warped mind spill into reality and intensify the panic.
  • Generative Scare System: Proprietary technology creates random scare events to increase the feeling of isolation and unpredicatability when playing alone or with a friend, and offers new experiences each time gamers play through.
  • Masters of Horror: Legendary horror film director John Carpenter and horror writer Steve Niles provide their expertise and guidance to take F.3.A.R.’s intensity to the next level. Niles co-wrote the twisted storyline that reveals the motivations and family dynamics of the main characters, and Carpenter helped craft the cinematics for maximum storytelling and fright factor.

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