NYCC 2010

New York Comic Con brings the best of two worlds and combines them into one event and this year’s Comic Con was slightly different. Not only were there rows and rows of your favorite comics and there was games too. NYCC has also done something a little different this year and that was to add anime into the mix, so this made this year’s Comic Con a huge event. I had the opportunity to walk around and meet a lot of great people play a lot of great games and see a lot of comics.

But there is more to this show than meets the eye. While adding features to the event NYCC might have forgot to add order as there was no order as the masses entered the Jacob Javitz Center to see what the event had to offer. Now I have been to NYCC before and have even compared it to PAX as it is a great show, but without order you have chaos. Once you started to take your place in lines you never knew if it was the front or the back and nobody else knew either. When questions where posed to NYCC employees nobody really had an answer, with all that aside NYCC is a huge event and if keeps getting bigger I think they may have to look for a new venue as they might have outgrown the Jacob Javitz Center.

So stayed tuned as I will be bringing you my take on Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare, Captain America Super Soldier, Bey Blade Metal Fusion: Battle Fortress, and even a look at the upcoming Green Hornet Movie (3D), just to name some of the goodness seen at New York Comic Con 2011.

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