Redbox Soon To Offer Video Game Rentals

I can hear Jay-Z’s “Takeover” song playing in the background as I read the news about this. Redbox, whom has been spanking the physical DVD rental game, taking over and dominating Blockbuster to the point that they (Blockbuster) have recently filed for bankruptcy again, due to immense revenue lost due to competition from Netflix, and Redbox who have fresher concepts of renting from home, or renting simply for a dollar as opposed to venturing out to Blockbuster or any other brick and mortar store for a copy of a movie.

It seems logical to make a jump into the next large, rental market outside of movies. And that has to be gaming. And by the look of presales, and media attention to video games, Redbox is taking notice. Soon, they will be offering video games as rentals along side their movies.

While Redbox has been testing video game rentals in limited markets for the past several months, it appears that they’re now going mainstream with the service. Available for $2 per day, you will now be able to rent select video game titles from thousands of their 24,000+ kiosks. While the service won’t be available for a few more weeks, you can enter your zip code here to check upcoming availability at your local kiosk.

Now personally, I’ve only rented a movie from Redbox once, and I’ve yet to sign up for Netflix. I used to go to Blockbuster a lot as a kid, and always rent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies, and Rush Hour – but now I just buy the physical copy of the movie, or rent it off of Xbox Live Zune Marketplace. But this is definitely a big move for Redbox, but I cant imagine being able to buy classic titles, or maybe even new titles for only two dollars a day. When I can just as easily download most games, classic and fairly new for a one time fee off of Xbox Live. Why bother having to run out to my local grocery store, or gas station – in summer time heat, or in the freezing winter (depending where you live) to go pay for something that I might honestly forget to return. It’s silly, and while the cost is cheaper, I’d rather just go out to the store, buy the game and have it in my possession.

So dear reader, what do you believe this could do for gamers and gaming companies? And with the move to everything digital, is this expected? Or backwards dear reader?

Source: Xbox 360 Digest

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  • Alex

    Personally, I’ve been anxiously waiting for redbox to start renting out video games. I now live in a city that doesn’t have an actual video rental store anymore, only a redbox, so this will be great. I’m wondering if they’ll have both PS3 and XBOX360 games or just XBOX360 games and how many of each.

  • Greg

    I think its awesome. I stopped renting video games a while back because it cost like $8 to rent them. My son is getting old enough that we can go out and rent a game and have a game night. At $8, I just preferred to buy used games. Now we can try out games for a reasonable price.

  • Caleb

    Personally, I think it is waaaaaaaay over priced. Think about it. You can sign up for gamefly for $10 (USD)! Where up in NH, there is no tax so I don’t know what the story is on that. With gamefly, you can get games through the mail (How many is up to you) and play the game for however long you like with no late fees! And up here in NH, Redboxes are a scare as a legit 10th lobby in MW2. So I’m sticking with gamefly and netflex on Xbox. 

  • Caleb

    I forgot to say the price is monthy and never changes