Amazon Apologizes For “Dead Rising 2” Pre-Order Delays

Ah, Dead Rising 2. If you haven’t raced down the strip with a motorcycle and chainsaws, you haven’t had fun killing zombies yet. The awesome Capcom sequel came out nearly two weeks ago, and with it, a plethora of store-exclusive extras. There were four different store-exclusive outfits, all of which gave Chuck bonuses. These will be hitting Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network in October/early November. Amazon decided to do something different, and offered up a theme for PlayStation gamers, and an Avatar outfit for Xbox players.

… at least, that was their goal. PlayStation gamers have gotten their codes with no problem. It seems that Xbox players, myself included, still haven’t gotten their Avatar outfits. On October 7th, Amazon sent out a conciliatory e-mail, stating

We’re writing to let you know there’s a delay in the delivery of the pre-order codes for the Dead Rising 2 Avatar Outfits.

We know this news is inconvenient and even disheartening to some of you, so we’re providing you with a $10 Video Games credit.  We’re still working with Capcom to send the pre-order codes, and we’ll deliver them as soon as possible.

The code must be redeemed in the Video Game section of the site, and expires in January.

There’s been no word on the reasoning for the delay. The fact that the Avatar costume apparently exists leads to more befuddlement. Is Capcom having trouble getting the codes to Amazon?

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