Limbo Creators Developing New IP

The creators of this Summer of Arcade’s most well received game have a bit of news for us today. If you were hoping for a direct sequel to Limbo, it seems the developer of the game, Playdead, is going in a slightly different direction. It may even be appearing on different platforms besides XBLA. Joystiq interviewed Playdead CEO, Dino Patti, and while not much could be said about the new game, there was assurance that Limbo lovers will not be disappointed.

Patti says the company is working on “a new IP,” and that Limbo fans will enjoy it. “I can’t tell much, but I can tell you that if you liked Limbo, it’ll definitely be for you,” he said. “The gameplay style you’ll really like. You’ll feel it’s the same team who made it, but everything will be changed.”

The team “used a lot of time and a lot of money” getting Limbo out, and going with Microsoft exclusively was a way to hedge their bets and “get the money back,” Patti said. “And it came out fine, because we got our money back, which was really cool.” But for this new IP, admittedly still a long ways off, Patti said that “we are open for everything. To be honest, we want as many people to play our games as possible. If we end up going exclusive, we may do it for various reasons, but we just want as many people to play the game as possible.”

Limbo never really clicked with me for some reason; I felt it’s title was a perfect one word review of my feelings towards it. I went in very positive and with expectations that might have been a tad too high, in retrospect. It was, for me, that game we all have where all the reviews say we should love it, our friends say we should love it, but something just doesn’t click with us. So with such few details at hand and it being so early on, it’s obviously a tad hard for me to say anything (positive or negative) about this new game. Here’s to hoping the point doesn’t fly over my head again.

via Joystiq

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