Call of Duty: Black Ops Headbanger Chat Headset For Wii

Looking to pick up Call of Duty: Black Ops for the Wii, but you are unsure of what type of headset you can use for chatting online preparing strategies with your friends?  Well look no further as PDP will be adding the exclusive Call of Duty: Black Ops Headbanger Chat headset for the Nintendo Wii to their growing line of peripherals. This headset is set to hit stores sometime this month in North America and Europe and retail for $24.99. Not sure if the CoD headset is what you are looking for no problem as they will be releasing a white headset with the same specs for the same price.  Here are some of the features of the new headsets:

• Seamless, high-quality online chat for Wii gamers
• High-quality, noise cancelling microphone and earpiece
• Usable on either ear with no need for adjustment
• Aesthetically matched to the Wii console and accessories
• Mute button and volume control integrated into earpiece
• LED indicators for system live and mute functions
• Adjustable, flexible microphone boom for maximum comfort
• Fully licensed by Nintendo
• Compatible Wii games will be listed online at

Not a bad price if you are in the market for a headset for the Nintendo Wii.

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  • when is the headset for black ops in europe?

  • i have heard some people speaking from it, on wii, but their voice is usually very cracky. Although having said that, from other people i hear the crystal clear voice described above. I believe this is the only headset compatible with black ops wii. Is this a known issue? perhaps with headset I could maybe be able to pick up more sound? (i just thought it could be due to location eg. if the guy is on the other side of teh world?)