Gears of War 2 All Fronts Collection 75% off

Everyone loves deals and judging by the sales of the first two titles and the interest in Gears of War 3, a lot of people like Gears of War. Since this isn’t an official sale through Microsoft’s weekly Deal of the Week promotion, you may miss out on this too good to be true deal. To celebrate the Games on Demand release of Gears of War 2, the All Fronts Collection is on sale this week from October 12-18 for 400 MS points! Originally priced at 1600 MS points, at 75% off, that’s a steal!

For those that are unfamiliar with the All Fronts Collection, here is a description of what it includes:

“This content pack features all 19 downloadable Gears 2 multiplayer maps and a bonus deleted single-player chapter, “Road to Ruin,” from the Gears of War 2 campaign. For multiplayer fans, this pack brings together the complete set of Gears 2 multiplayer maps: Allfathers Garden, Canals, Courtyard, Flood, Fuel Depot, Fuel Station, Gold Rush, Gridlock, Grind Yard, Highway, Mansion, Memorial, Nowhere, Sanctuary, Subway, Tyro Station, Under Hill, War Machine, and Way Station—everything in the Flashback, Combustible, Snowblind, and Dark Corners downloadable packs combined.”

If you were a little hesitant about buying the “deleted scene” when it was released, now would be a great time to buy it along with all the previous map packs if you waited on them as well. I myself am one of the few who has been waiting so as soon as I heard about this deal, without hesitation, I added it to my queue.

To make it easy for you, add the All Fronts Collection to your queue here for 400 MS points.

Source: Rod Fergusson via Twitter and Gears of War Xbox site

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  • What a great deal — shame the multiplayer is brokenz.

    • Yeah, I probably only played a few multiplayer matches but at least now there are more horde maps added to my game and an exta co-op mission 🙂

    • Sean cawood

      yea the multiplayer is really bad

  • great deal but I already own it

  • zenaxe

    I refuse to buy anything on XBOX Live as long as it retains the ultra retarded “points” currency. My first thought reading this was “I don’t know if it is a good deal because I have no idea how much 400 points is in real currency”