A Look Back At Gaming: Star Wars

With less then two weeks until the much anticipated sequel to 2008 hit game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed I figured now would be a great time to just look back and reminisce about the Star Wars games of the past few years, I would go back longer to when I was growing up playing Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back at the arcade but this would be one of the longest articles ever to read, so I will just talk about a few of the Star Wars video games that to me personally I could not stop playing.

The first game I am going to talk about is Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer, released in 1999 I had the version of the game for Nintendo 64, but it wasn’t as much fun to play as when I would go to the local arcade a few years later and realized there was an actual sit down machine for it. And still to this day there is a movie theater near my residence that has the arcade machine there and you can find me every so often playing it. What made Episode 1 Racer a great game to me personally was it made me at least enjoy something that is related to Star Wars Episode 1: A Phantom Menace. Now remember this is all my personal opinion so yes I hated that movie, except for Darth Maul, he was epic, and although there were times when the controls in the game would be difficult and annoying, it was the fast paced close calls of almost hitting a random rock, or scrapping a wall and trying your hardest not to lose control that really drew me in, Although I have still to this day never gotten through every track in that game, as the tracks got a lot harder later on in the game to the point where I could barely finish one lap in a race. I still feel this is one of the top few Star Wars games that I had a good amount of fun playing.

Next up of course is Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic 1 & 2, these two games are hands down my two favorite in the whole entire Star Wars video game line-up. I have spent countless hours playing these games. Even after my original Xbox was gone I bought the games again to play on PC because they were that great to me, being able to make choices and affect the dynamics of not only yourself but those who are following you in your party as well was a big draw to me, not to mention the story was epic. The story behind the two games is well to put it all in a nutshell, the first game you start off as your character who has no memory of their past or really who they are, so the whole plot of the first game is putting together all the pieces of your past to realize your true identity and to make the ultimate choice for the Galaxy. And the second game which is linked to the first game takes place a few years later as a new character who is trying to either well be good or bad as the Jedi are almost all extinct thanks to the Sith ruling with so much power, a few characters and names from the first game are in the sequel to give it more depth and connection to the first, which was a plus to me in my eyes. I know I was vague with the description of the story of the games but I know people who still have not played these games and I feel that a role playing game with so many choices and options should definitely be played and experienced fully first hand. The irony of it all is as I type this I am installing the first Knights of The Old Republic on my PC as it has been a year or so since I have played it, so with that being said those of you who haven’t checked out these two games, I assure you, you do not want to miss out on these two Star Wars video game gems.

What I feel to be the best flying Star Wars game, Rogue Squadron was a faced paced action flight game that had smooth controls and at the time very good graphics, sure it lacked the multiplayer aspect but that didn’t matter much to me, I just remember being excited unlocking the Hoth planet mission and playing that over and over, pretending I was in actual in The Empire Strikes Back. Although I don’t remember too many details of the game from personally playing it I do however remember that missions would give you medals based on your performance: either bronze, silver, or gold. And to unlock stuff in the game you would have to get better scores and medals, thus not only giving you replay value but also letting you rethink you plan and how you go about completing each mission.

The last game I will go over is the big hit of 2008, Star War: The Force Unleashed, and my personal favorite next-gen Star Wars video game, although I did enjoy all the Lego games, this game impressed me beyond what I initially imagined. The graphics were amazing, and the story was just mind blowing, the physics engine they create for that game was almost near perfect, the rag-doll affects for the enemies as you were throwing them around with the force grip and push was entertaining and never got old. I remember when the demo first came out before the games release and I would spend a lot of time just grabbing Storm Troopers with the force and throwing them at Tie Fighters, but that was just me being easily amused. For those who don’t know the story of The Force Unleashed I will fill you in without spoiling anything for you because I hate spoiling storylines. The game takes place between Episode 3: Revenge of The Sith and Episode 4: A New Hope, where basically Darth Vader gets an apprentice secretly, who you play as throughout the game, and not as major as Knights of The Old Republic but still an element in the game is your good or bad choices here and there. And ultimately once again having to make that huge decision for good or evil. The gameplay was great for a third person action platform, being able to earn experience points from killing enemies and learning new skills, powers and even outfits for your character. Great boss fights, epic cutscenes and a killer story make this game a must play, and if you haven’t I don’t know what is stopping you, there is even DLC which adds new missions and side stories, classic characters to play as and more outfits, so the game is not short on content at all. I for one can’t wait for October 26th when my two year wait is finally over and I can play the sequel to this game.

Well, that’s my look back on the Star Wars video games that I personally liked the most throughout the years, I’m sure I will have a review up if possible for when Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 comes out, as today the demo has been released on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox 360 Marketplace, so if you haven’t downloaded please go and try it out, I played it earlier and it was amazing.

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