Dead Space 2 Collectors Edition Announced

Just announced, Dead Space 2 is getting a collectors edition. We heard the rumours earlier today, but now it’s official.

The edition will include the following;

  • Dead Space 2 Game
  • Replica of Isaac’s Plasma Cutter with working LED lights
  • Downloadable Unitology Suit and Force Gun
  • Dead Space 2 Original Soundtrack
  • Concept art Lithograph

Price? $59.99. Come on, that price and the replica plasma cutter is just awesome. Also, just like the standard edtion, pre-order the Dead Space 2: Collectors Edition and you’ll also get Dead Space: Ignition for free.

What you waiting for? Pre-order now.


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  • Is it just me or is that a great price for a pretty cool collectors Edition?

  • Mick

    Do you have to wait until the release date in January to get the Dead Space Ignition code?

    • I think whenever you pre-order, you will be emailed a code for it when the game releases — which is today.

  • wonder when someone in the UK will have this for pre-order

  • YOu’re dumb

    Fail website is fail…. that’s for the limited edition, which is different than the collector’s

  • Hi YOu’re dumb,
    If you follow the link to Dead Space 2’s Facebook page it tells you there it is the collectors edition. I see your point as Gamestop is advertising something different but it is clear on their FB Page. Thanks for reading.

  • dspace

    I just preordered the collector’s edition. It’s $79.99 not $59.99

  • well guys, mine arrived and I cannot wait to try it out. HMV was the place to pick this up for those of you who live in the UK