Character Vs. Character: Wolverine Vs. Kratos

wolverine vs kratos
This week, a battle of mythic proportions is upon us as two of the strongest, deadliest, and most popular characters go toe-to-toe in a battle of blades. Wolverine of the X-Men vs Kratos from the God of War series. Who’s the quickest with slicing and dicing? Only one way to find out, true believers. First, let’s find out more about them.

Character Backgrounds/Weapons

Wolverine: The mutant known both as Wolverine and Logan has been traveling through the Marvel Universe as part of teams such as the X-Men, Alpha Flight, and the Avengers for decades. His mutant healing factor allows him to survive nearly any wound and his Adamantium-laced skeleton make him nigh unbreakable. Add to this razor-sharp Adamantium claws and a tendency to go into a berserker rage and you have the recipe for one of the deadliest character in any universe.

Kratos: On a quest for revenge against the gods, Kratos has beaten, sliced, and killed a path through some of the biggest, most powerful adversaries ever seen in a video game. His twin Blades of Chaos, given to him by the god Ares, allow him to make short work of anything in his path. Driven by an unrelenting desire to destroy the ones who betrayed him, Kratos is as deadly as they come.

The Battle

The evil Apocalypse has survived for centuries with one single philosophy. Survival of the fittest. It is with this single thought that Apocalypse has brought two of the most vicious killers together for one epic battle that will determine who will ride as his fourth Horseman, War.

Wolverine’s eyes slowly open. A groan passes through his lips. His nostrils sniff, bringing in the scents from the room. Still recovering from the attack by Apocalypse and his horsemen, Wolverine realizes that he’s in a giant arena. He expected to smell Mojo, but his heightened senses do not recognize his scent in the area. As he pulls himself to his feet, you can see a few of the deeper wounds on his arms and abdomen stitching together, his healing factor working quickly to patch him up.

Suddenly, a booming voice comes from high above, “Wolverine. I have searched the dimensions for a being to ride by my side as the Horseman, War. Now, we see if he can pass the ultimate test. The Wolverine.”

“Apocalypse! I’m not fighting anyone for you!”, Wolverine bellows.

A new scent appears in Wolverine’s nostrils. It smells of blood, sweat, and pain. Wolverine knows these things well and immediately pops his Adamantium claws in preparation for what is to come.

“I have been told of your treachery.”, a gravely voice speaks.

“Whatever you’ve heard isn’t true, bub.”, Wolverine responds.

The sound of chains unraveling fills the air as Kratos unleashes his Blades of Chaos, swinging them towards Wolverine with the speed of a god. Wolverine puts his claws up in in front of his face and the blades ricochet off of them with an ear-splitting clang!

Jumping backwards, Wolverine snarls, “Back off, bub.”

Kratos is already in mid-attack, his blades swinging at Wolverine with deadly precision. Wolverine deflects blow after blow with his claws, backing up slowly at the same time. While he’s defending himself, he’s also trying to determine where Apocalypse is in the arena.

Kratos forces Wolverine into a free-standing stone wall. His Blades of Chaos come together into the wall, and he yanks them out violently. The wall comes down on Wolverine, pinning him. Kratos jumps onto the wall and strikes it, shattering it. Wolverine flips over just as the blades slam into his arms, pinning him into the dirt. Kratos looks puzzled because Wolverine’s arms don’t shatter. The Adamantium coating his bones protect him, even though the flesh is cut open.

Wolverine, seizes the opportunity and grabs the chains attached to Kratos’ arms. Pulling him down, Wolverine uses his legs to hurl Kratos off of him. Kratos lands several feet away.

“What kind of magic is this?”, he asks.

Wolverine stands up. The wounds on his arms are healing quickly. “It’s not magic. It’s Adamantium.”

Releasing a growl befitting a grizzly bear, Wolverine lunges at Kratos, claws aimed directly for his neck. Kratos bends backward as the claws barely graze him, drawing a small amount of blood. Wolverine presses the attack, putting all of his strength and speed behind every claw slash. Kratos spins his blades quickly in an attempt to defend himself, but one quick slice from three Adamantium-laced claws cuts the chain on Kratos’ left arm causing the blade to fly off into the distance.

Kratos is stunned. Wolverine quickly takes advantage of this and grabs the chain attached to Kratos’ right arm and wraps it around his neck. Kratos struggles to break free, but cannot. He reaches over with his left hand and grabs the dangling blade and thrusts it into Wolverine’s abdomen. Wolverine lets go of the chain and stumbles back. Kratos, eyeing the victory, yanks the blade out, causing even more damage. He then uses his remaining blade to strike Wolverine across the face. Wolverine is thrown back and lands on his back, defeated.

Kratos screams into the darkness, “I have defeated your greatest warrior! Now, bestow upon me the power of War so I can defeat my enemies!”

Appearing from the darkness, a giant blue form walks towards Kratos. “You have performed well, Kratos. You will now take your place by my side as War.”

Suddenly, six claws burst through Kratos’ chest. Blood pours from his mouth as his body is sliced in two by Wolverine’s razor sharp claws. Grabbing the chain still attached to Kratos’ right arm, Wolverine swings it over the top of his head and directly into Apocalypse’s neck. Using the chain he pulls Apocalypse down, bringing them face to face.

“I told you I’m not fighting for you, bub.”

With that, Wolverine shoves his claws into Apocalypse’s head and he drops to the ground with a thunderous crash. Wolverine retracts his claws and limps away, his abdomen slowly coming back together.

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