Lego My Wii-Mote

You turn your Wii on ready to play your favorite Lego Game be it Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones or any of the other titles. You grab the Wiimote from the stand but this feels awkward something could make this experience better. So what would make your experience more enjoyable more like you are in a Lego world? How about your very own customizable Wiimote that you can change certain parts on to give you your own experience. One downfall is the parts you can change are in areas that make no sense because of the awkward way you would have to hold the controller. Your very own Lego Wii Remote will retail for $40 and will be released later this week.

My question to you is, Are you a big enough Lego nerd or Wii nerd or a little of both that you will be purchasing one of these?

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