New Halo Reach Maps Dropping Soon

Continuing the tradition set forth by all previous Halo games (except Combat Evolved), Bungie will be releasing a new multiplayer map pack for Halo: Reach.

Anchor 9

November 30th will mark the release of three new maps titled the Noble Map Pack. The three new maps include Anchor 9, Tempest, and Breakpoint. The three maps will cost 800 MSP or $10. Also included will be 250 additional achievement points.


The recent update to matchmaking and the release of this map pack show that Bungie is committed to supporting Reach. Will you be buying these new maps?

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  • It’s Halo, of course I’ll be buying the maps!

  • HeartbreakRidge

    No Firefight, No sale.

  • Of course I’m buying this. 800msp is perfect!

  • Jimbo

    800msp for 3 maps when games like MW2 are the same for five? Not a chance, Bungie.

    • Ahem, If you pay close attention, them 5 maps for MW2 are actually 1200msp…

    • Deathman

      your a retard. infinity ward charged 1200 points for the modern warefare 2 map packs which is 15$, as well as the fact that 2 of those maps were always old maps that were brought back. once again, your retarded, and i hope you die.

      • That’s a little harsh, isn’t it?

      • Deathman…You are a smart one. You might consider trying to sound a bit more inteligent before calling somebody a retard. Bad grammar…poor spelling…terrible punctuation.

  • Jason

    wow, 3 weeks after the release, after the original maps fail and cause outrage. You want MORE money to fix the maps your left us with?

    get out of town bungie

    what a note to leave on, bring on 343

    cant wait for ops.

    • Reuben McCack

      You’re such a fanboy (: