Download Fable 2 For Free

This is most assuredly a glitch, but if you log on to right now and look at Fable 2 in Games on Demand you will see that it is selling for the rock bottom price of free.

We’ve seen things like this happen in the Marketplace from time to time. Like when you could download the golden Hammerburst for Gears of War 2, or Halo Reach for 9999999 MSP. I’ve added it to my queue. Get it while it’s hot.

UPDATE: This has been fixed. Fable 2 now costs on both the website and the dashboard.

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  • Charles Stirens (clstirens)

    I’ve seen this before, but when I clicked “buy” for free, it actually charged me the full amount.

    Not sure if the same will happen this time.

  • Angel Pelaez (Reeve)

    I can confirm this is (or was) valid for USA marketplace. Mexican marketplace had it full price

  • foo mo jive

    hm added but I’m pretty sure this is Fable II Episode 1. It said I’ve already purchased it when I went to the page. Also that page does not show up anywhere when I searched for Fable II the usual way. It’s 7GB anyway. I don’t have room for that on my old 20GB drive.

  • JeVaughn Black

    I got it just before they set the price back to $20.
    I have it queued for download.
    I attempted to do the same for a friend, but it had been changed back to the normal price by then.

  • poiuyt

    I’m 90% sure this is the free trial thing where you pay by episode that they posted last year. I looked it up on my download history and it appears to be the same thing.

  • Paul

    well its the full 7gb so it looks like the full game

  • steve

    this isnt a mishap xbox support jus posted on twitter its a free download now

    • Waltermelon

      Is there any other place where they say that on their website?

  • Michael

    It is working for me. I am currently at 83% downloaded. It is 9:54pm EST and I’m in Canada.

  • Levi

    It’s not the episode, it says you already downloaded it because the episode is still Fable II. If you go to the game marketplace on the dashboard and look at Fable II it will say you already downloaded it too. I just played through what would be Episode One and am past that, it’s not a trial.

  • I can confirm as well that this was not the free episode thing, because I still have that on the hdd and it is under 2 gigs in size; the download from yesterday was almost 7 gigs, it is definitely the full game. Glad I got in on it while it was free!

  • Sam

    I would also like to confirm this. I have downloaded episode 1 in the past, which, as I recall, two gigabytes. This, however, is 6.59 gigabytes, and It does not have the limits of the episode one. ALso, I got the achievement “show off”, which before required me to purchase part 2 of the episodes. All I can say is, thank you Microsoft for your epic fail!

  • chris

    for those who say it was free trial: its not stop saying it is not free, I downloaded myself it was a website error, I can confirm it and so can my other gamers it was a website error, I am sure mircosoft is having a hissy fit now, I am surpised they have not said a thing about it

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