Rodger the Racoon Review (iPhone)

Game Review: Rodger the Racoon
Release: 22 August 2010
Genre: Entertainment
Developer: Flaming Mitten Studios
Available Platforms: iPhone/iPod Touch
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: 17+

It’s always funny to see a small woodland creature doing things that it’s not supposed to, so to have a small racoon saying the most obscene things and flipping you the bird is rather odd and can be hilarious.  Emphasis on the can. If you don’t find a swearing racoon funny then you also have a blue bird that swears at you in one of 3 different ways.

If your favourite insult is not included then you can contact flamingmitten (although not through the game) who will add the best insults to the app at the end of the month. Whether these new insults will be included as a free update or will be in game paid content is uncertain but I would hope it’s the former.

The app has severe reliability issues, at least in this build. I wouldn’t have been concerned if I had pre-release code or a beta, but I wasn’t I was playing the version that is available through the app store. While the developer has acknowledged that there is an issue with the software and is working on a fix, it is still pretty poor to release an untested app and if it was tested then it wasn’t done that well. Neither option bodes well for the flamingmitten’s reputation.

After several reinstallations, reboots and sheer luck, I did manage to start the app a couple of times (enough to get an impression of the app at least) Ignoring the reliability issue, my first criticism on the app itself is the lawsuit waiting to happen that is the opening animation. While I laughed the first time and had a titter the second time, by the third time I wished I could turn it off. I also found that I heard the same one liner in a very short period of time, this could have been down to chance or bad luck . However I suspect that the 70+ phrases are recycled and reused fairly quickly.

Overall there is very little to write about with this app; there is virtually no gameplay and very little interaction. The app is buggy and the insults and one liners are tired at best. While the price of the app is only £0.59/$0.99 there are better things you can do with your money, like buying some magic beans.

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