Spooky Games For October

Continuing on from my article last week on spooky games perfect for this Halloween season, I’m going to talk about another game that I consider a “must play.”  Again, this is a game that is a couple years old at this point.  But, it is one that is worthy of picking up for your first play through or revisiting the game if you have already played it.

Now, I’ll admit that Bioshock might be seen as a non-typical spooky game, when you compare it to other games like Condemned, or Resident Evil.  However, there are still bits and pieces as you make your way through Bioshock that will make your heart race and perhaps lift you out of your seat a bit.  As with Condemned, from last week’s post, the key to creating the atmosphere appropriate for this game is to play at night, turn the lights off, and crank up your surround sound.

Bioshock is set in a fictional, underwater city called Rapture.  The residents are mostly mutated due to their use of a drug like substance that makes the person deranged and psychotic.  As you explore the massive, underwater city you are attacked by these residents, called splicers.  The splicers often surprise you and attack before you even know they are there.  The sound effects give you a clue that something is moving around near by, but on screen you cannot usually see them until it is too late.  The audio effects make use of the surround speakers by making the sound of the splicers movement hard to pin point.  Not only that, but much of the city is in disarray and dark, which also lends itself quite well to the spooky, solitary feeling you have when exploring on your own.

So, to wrap up this short article on another game perfect for October/Halloween.  True, most everyone that wanted to play the game most likely has.  However, given that the game is that old, it makes for a good excuse to dust off your copy and give it another play through. If you don’t own the game any more, you can probably find a copy for less than $10 at GameStop or on eBay.  If you are newer to the 360 system and missed this game when it first came out, I recommend securing a copy and giving it a proper play through.

Watch for next week when I go over yet another spooky game perfect for getting your blood flowing.

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