Extra Life Gaming Marathons Going On Today!

It’s Saturday, the 16th, and this can only mean one thing: gamers around the world are working on their 24-hour game-a-thon to help raise money for sick kids in the Children’s Miracle Network.  Thanks to the folks at, the 3rd Annual Extra Life campaign comes to a culmination today, and will end with many tired gamers tomorrow.

The goal? To raise money by having gamers get sponsors to donate $1 for every hour of gaming.  Gamers are committing to game for 24 straight hours, which means donations of $24 are captured.  Several of PlatformNation’s own are going to be going for the gusto today, and they will need your support throughout the day to keep them going.  I know that Sarah and Scott were looking to stream their events, so check back in the comments here to see if they post links to their video feeds, as well as the shout-box in the forums.  Cheer them on, as well as anyone else you can that posts in Twitter – while this will start off as a fun event, it will be tough to keep it going later on! They will need your love and support as they grind it out.

I, personally, will be doing my gaming during the rain-date NEXT weekend, the 23rd starting at 8am.  I will have my video stream up at, so you can check it out then.  In the meantime, check out the Platform Nation team page for Extra Life to offer your monetary support as we try and raise as much money as we can.  This is an incredible cause, and there’s no reason everyone working on this event can’t meet their goal.

To those gaming today, I salute you.  You are doing an incredible, selfless thing for kids. To those who have donated to help, thank you.  To everyone else, what are you waiting for?  Even if it’s $1, it helps!

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