Gaming Confessions: A Gaming Holiday

I will shortly be embarking on a two week holiday, the location is classified as I don’t want to be surrounded by the usual groupies that follow me (It could be true) so on that topic, this weeks confession is about my usual traveling companions.

The majority of holidays that I will go on I will take some gaming gear. Not much worth confessing there some of you may say, but I’m not talking about a DS or PSP or even a handheld console of some sort. In the past I have packed away my PS2 and on one occasions even my PS3. Obviously if I was going overseas then I would probably not take a console, unless I planned to be away for a very long time (on that topic, if anyone of my thousands and thousands of fans, in America or Canada has a spare bed or wants a handsome manly Scottish person staying with them just let me know, I’ll even bring my consoles and traditional Whiskey and Irn-Bru)

You may think that it is a waste of a holiday if you take a console with you, however personally I feel that a holiday is time to do whatever you want and to not worry about your commitments at work or any other pressure that you would usually be under. If you go on Holiday and squeeze a new activity into every second of every day then good for you, but that’s just not me. I will quite happily take a 2 week holiday and never leave my hometown, I will just use my time to relax.

Don’t take this confession the wrong way, when I go on holiday I will do the usual tourist thing but this particular holiday I am going back to a place I have been every year for the last 15 years, I have seen and done it all. This year my gadgets will include my iPad, iPod, PSP and my PS2.  I don’t intend to spend all day playing with them but it will be good to have something to do in the hotel bar.

I know I’m not the only person who does this, so what is your worst confession. What gaming gear do you take with you on holiday?

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  • I tend to only take handheld consoles with me on holidays if I am travelling somewhere, there’s certainly nothing wrong with taking your view though, a holiday is just that, time to chill and relax away from work and other commitments – these days, this would pretty much be the only opportunity I would get to do any gaming too! Heh