Know What Rock Band DLC Songs To Buy: R.E.M.

It’s The End of The World As We Know It:

Guitar: The guitar in It’s the End of the World seems like what you would expect, very dragged out and boring, most of the time you will spend the song playing very long notes, then a few short notes and then back to the long notes.

Bass: The bass in this song is better than the guitar, but still seems to have many long notes, and has a fair mix of short notes. Bass offers slightly more difficulty than guitar but they are not far apart.

Drums: The drums on expert give a challenge, but if you consider yourself an expert drummer the song should be no problem. The mix of the notes seem to be great, and is fun to play.

Vocals: The vocals are what you expect, it is very difficult to go through the song without humming most of the words. The song is too hard for me to sing on expert and just right for me on hard. This song is a good challenge for any vocalists.


Guitar: I was actually somewhat impressed with the guitar, I was expecting it to be almost as slow as End of The World, but it actually has some fast challenging strumming parts to it, which proved to be somewhat of a challenge.

Bass: Bass seems like an easier version of guitar, offering similar notes to guitar but less quick taps and you only hold down one fret instead of the 2 or 3 play during guitar.

Drums: The drums offer a challenge, there are parts that can be difficult but then are broken up by easier segments. The drums are great to play and more difficult than End of the World.

Vocals: The vocals seem pretty much just same pitch for each word, but even with that I find this song difficult on expert due to the low and high pitched portions of the song that seem to be hard to hit. Even though this only has a difficulty of one it may still be a challenge for some vocalist.

Final Opinion:

Both songs are good songs, but overall Superman has the better note charts and more interesting play. It’s the End of the World lacks too much guitar and Superman seems to have good note charts for every instrument, as well as a great song. If you are deciding between the two, go with Superman, but if you really want something fun to sing vocally go with It’s the End of the World. I would say Superman is worth getting if you like the sample in the music store. I wouldn’t recommend End of the World to anyone who only plays guitar.

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  • Great writeup and vids.. what do you use to capture the gameplay?

    • Exterminator13

      A Samsung DVD/VCR player/recorder, it records on DVD so I had to rip it off the DVD then edit it in movie maker. The recorder creates a lot of lag and has hdmi output but analog input and it creates a lot of lag