Black Ops Retail Copy Stolen?

Here’s one you wouldn’t have expected; a retail copy of Black Ops was stolen right from the printing presses in Alabama. This is according to Hooked Gamer, who had this to say;

“The alleged thief sold several of the copies of the game to associates… one of which who was a member of an underground hacking forum. The purchaser, who goes by the name of ‘Ungodly Leaker’ posted a thread on this forum showing the disc in his hands and making a few comments about the game. Ungodly Leaker had previously leaked Halo: Reach far ahead of its release and it is assumed intending to do the same with Black Ops.”

The purchaser of the disc, ‘Ungodly Leaker’, who also leaked Halo Reach, intends to do the same with Black Ops. Activision and Tryarch and doing there best to try and stop the leak. All I can say is, avoid spoilers, report the hackers and watch the banhammer swing.


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  • I’ll agree with “avoid spoilers, report the hackers and watch the banhammer swing. ” Now lets watch jtv for these h4axors lol

  • I don’t see the big deal. The game will be out soon enough. Pirates will pirate whether or not the game is leaked early or they get it on launch day.

  • bwat

    I’m sure a lot of people are geeking over this leak, but if you think about the hard work and manhours invested by the people of treyarch, then you come to the conclusion that this is just wrong! I’m ready to play black ops myself, but leaking it? That’s just down right wrong. Imagine putting thousands of hours into software you developed yourself, only to have someone steal it and publish it earlier. Its just wrong people!

  • Very good point!

  • Chris

    Greed and Selfishness are nothing to be proud of Mr Ungodly Leaker!!!

    Stealing does not make you cool but it will make you friends which is a reason why you stole it I guess.

  • MrMaynard

    My local game store I goto had its Second store robbed.

    Most of their systems and new games got stolen.. Luckily no one was hurt, but If I heard correctly, the thieves got even the games that aren’t out yet too.

  • kirby145

    There is no banhammer >_<

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  • Joey

    I was searching for a zombie trailer for black ops when the leaked game play came out, and I thought it was fake so i watched and sadly its the real zombie thing, and It really ruined it for me, a big zombies fan, would of liked to discover the game on my own. People may say its not a big deal but its a question of self achievement.
    I don’t get why people can’t wait a few more days instead of spoiling all the fun.