Fallout DLC Initially An Xbox Exclusive

After the plethora of Fallout 3 DLC, it would be lunacy to release with Fallout: New Vegas without the intention of a few follow-up DLC packs…but that’s just what is going to happen.

Alright, that wasn’t true; made it up.

What is true is this: the first piece of DLC to hit is going to be a precision strike aimed directly at Xbox LIVE.

There’s still no word as to what this new content is, nor is there any indication of when — or even if — this Xbox-exclusive DLC will be released on PC or PS3. One would think Bethesda and Obsidian crazy for even considering the neglect of the other two platforms, but I wouldn’t call it impossible; stranger things have happened.

Oh, and this is probably an asinine statement, but Fallout: New Vegas is in stores tomorrow. Just sayin’.

Information comes via GiantBomb

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  • Holy crap it comes out tomorrow?!?!? Why wasn’t I told?!?!?!!!!!!11one


  • console_gamer

    I hate that the developers cant make a decision before the game comes out. I of course bought the ps3 version of fallout 3 and got screwed with dlc. This time I waited to hear about dlc and still nothing. Of course there will be more than one dlc. As a multi console owner I care whats exclusive more than most.

  • What it is about Bethesa and Microsoft … why the hate on ps3? At least a third of the fallout series are on ps3, Fallout 3 was a major hit on it, why bank it on the xbox when New Vegas is an assured hit? I don’t get it, and it really damped the exictment of tomorrow.

    The strip looks good though: