Is Kmart The Place For Video Game Deals?

With the release for Fallout: New Vegas looming in the air for tomorrow, I have found the best deal is actually at Kmart.

Kmart offered a pre-order package that included a set of four coasters and a $15 off coupon towards the purchase of the game during the first week of its release.  The coupon states it may be combined with other special offers.  (Please note – the coupon is printed at the checkout.  It is not in the box.)

In this past Sunday’s weekly ad for Kmart, Fallout: New Vegas is among several games ther are offering with a $20 credit towards a future game purchase.  As of Sunday afternoon, several of my local Kmart stores still had the pre-order coasters on the shelf for $5.

Doing some quick math – The coasters are free and the game ends up costing $30.  Not bad since it’s probably about $15 less than a used copy will be at Gamestop (once they get some).

The only drawback is there is no included “exclusive” digital content like the ones offered by other retailers.  Did I mention this nets out at $30 – on release day?

I have never really considered Kmart a store for video games, but they are on my radar now, and they should be on yours.

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  • Wrong

    Stop spreading WRONG information.

    How exactly is the game $30?

    You buy the coasters for 5, you get a 15 dollar coupon that you can use on the game.

    60-15 = 45.

    • Retail for the game is $60. Add in the $5 spent on the coasters: $65. Take the $15 discount away and that’s $50. Then you get a $20 credit on a future game purchase – making the actual cost of this game $30 – or $50 plus a $20 credit/coupon for use towards another game. If you find a better deal somewhere – please let me know.

  • do you guys have psp go at kmary because i am geting one dis Saturday