Netflix Now Downloadable On PS3 And Wii

One thing that the Xbox 360 had going for it, in a media sense, was that Netflix was a native app. You didn’t need a disc to do any Instant Streaming. Sony and Nintendo have caught up with Microsoft (on the same day, no less, leading it probably to be a time-restricted instead of OS-restricted development), allowing gamers to install the Netflix app. On the PlayStation 3, just go to the Video part of the XMB and download it (no need to load up the shop), and on the Wii, go to the Wii Shop and get your free download.

Sure, Netflix isn’t an integral part of a video game console, but it’s turning out to be a part of the multimedia systems that consoles are becoming. Xbox 360 gets to keep it’s enhanced Netflix features (Party Mode), while PS3 and Wii get to ditch the disc. Wii owners, also, now have a way to watch media on the system without any disc; unlike Microsoft and Sony, they have no native video store.

Let me get caught up on some things, and I’ll check out the PS3’s Netflix app now. With all three consoles, I tend to default to my PS3 for media playback anyway.

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  • donna schindler

    not sure what planet you are living on, we have had netflix cds on our wii and ps3 for months.

    • Stevaughn

      Not sure what planet the guy that said “what planet are you on” but the article indicates that you can load the app now from the WII store and thus you won’t need the Netflix CD anymore to play movies on the WII. The article doesn’t say we never could watch Netflix on the WII before.

  • divx

    Well, what planet are you both from? We’ve been playing stuff on Wii without any disc for years now. Haven’t you heard about USB Loader?

  • Looking forward to it.

    • Question mark

      Someone actually named themselves “Fresno DUI Lawyer.” Name of the year.