Arcade Cats Review (iPod Touch)

Game Review: Arcade Cats
Release: Sept. 30th 2010
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Starcat Studios
Available Platforms: Iphone, Ipod Touch, Ipad
Players: 1
MSRP: 1.99$
ESRB Rating: 9+ for the following infrequent/mild cartoon or fantasy violence
Website: Arcade Cats

Arcade Cats is a puzzle type cam that is very straight forward with simple controls and game play. You control mice as they collect stars but watch out for the cat as he will ruin your fun. Controls are simple enough that any one can play without much knowledge of the game.

Your main objective as I said is to collect stars that are scattered across the map. Randomly gems will also pop up across the map to further your score. Each star you collect on the screen helps you fill a bar that will advance you to the next level. Watch out for the pesky cat that roams the map as he will spoil all of your fun. Each level offers a different challenge to players.

App Features:
* Sequential levels of increasing difficulty.
* Online scoreboards for score-tracking.
* Multiple levels of motion-based puzzle fields.
* Three unique game-play modes: Arcade, Puzzle and Outrun
* Unique power ups

Arcade Cats was a great game because of the pick up and play style no learning was required. Controls are simple enough that any gamer can pick up and enjoy the simple game play. Open Feint the scoring system also adds another level of enjoyment to the game. Also challenge type puzzles give the player a different style of game play to keep the game fresh. Instead of just collecting jems you must collect them in a special order.

Improvements need to be made on two major things to make this game worth almost 2 dollars to me. Sound was very boring and dull it was the same thing over and over and no sound effects that made the game more enjoyable. Graphics were also sub-par there was not much to be desired though it is somewhat expected with theses games. Making different levels or aspects may have made the game a bit more enjoyable.
Arcade Cats feels a little more like a $0.99cent game then a 2 dollar game lowering the price would be in the best interest of the consumer. I would not say pass this game up if it does lower price because it was enjoyable in short periods of time.

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