Combat Evolved In HD?

Ripped directly from the rumor mill is word that a remake of the original game in the Halo franchise, Combat Evolved, could receive a HD remake. 343 Industries, the torchbearers for the Halo franchise now that Bungie has moved on, is supposedly kicking around the idea of bringing Master Chief’s first fight to the Xbox 360 as early as March 2011.

halo combat evolved

The remake would potentially use the same engine as the recently released Halo Reach. This means that we could actually see two Halo titles competing against each other for multiplayer dominance.

With Halo 4 not set to release until sometime in 2012, this could hold the Halo faithful over until the next big title. I do question whether March 2011 is a realistic date. That means the title should be already being developed by someone by now. We’ve heard rumors in the past that Gearbox Software has been working on Halo 4. Could they also be remaking the classic Combat Evolved as well?

So, would you want to see the original Halo remastered in HD using the Reach engine? You think another developer can capture the magic like Bungie did way back in 2001?

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  • Sam Handrick (MDSRocker)

    I think that none of the five Hlo games made by Bungie should be remade, they were too good in their original form.

  • i want to see them remade properly for the PC without any console restictions

  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    I would love to have Halo and Halo 2 at the very least ported to xbox live with achievements! I would love to replay them again.

  • They already did a HD remake of Halo 1. It’s called Halo: Reach.


  • Corey

    @Pete dodd
    Are you retarded or did you never play either of the games? they are completely different in every way shape and form, i think if they stick to the story and not make any big changes other than graphical addind achievements to it and i dont even care if it has multiplayer i think it would be a definate addition to my collection

  • Shane

    I agree with Corey. If they buffed up the image quality and added achievements I would definitely seek out the game. Multiplayer would be tricky, but if they could successfully overhaul it as well it would be triple as good. I feel that if they did that, even without a multiplayer it would be worth it.

  • Willie

    A remake would be awesome as long as they don’t change the story and use the same voice acting

  • Con

    although a remake sounds pretty interesting because imagine beating reach again and hopping right into the new remade halo ce with some new things added like probably sprint is a feature like cod where you can use it all the time. I would like to see a sequel to halo 3 first but i still don’t know about how good the game’s gonna be now that Bungie’s left Microsoft but who knows we might get surprises.

  • Zacc

    Screw the PC visions. Halo PC was one of the worst things I have ever played.
    As long as they only do the Graphics over again and ad multiplayer, it will be fine. As much fun as Equipment and Armor Abilities, and custom armor was it does not need to be in the old games.
    Keep the classic feel of them preserved.