“Graveyards” Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare

Rockstar has released another trailer for their upcoming DLC Undead Nightmare for Read Dead Redemption and this one is entitled Graveyards.  Now I know if you are like me you wont be able to take much more of this teasing but the release date for this DLC is right around the corner.  So take a look at the newest clip below and make sure your calender is marked for October 26, 2010.  Here is a little more about the clip before you head off to the Graveyard.

As hallowed ground for unfortunate souls, graveyards play a pivotal role in Undead Nightmare. It’s up to John Marston to purify these evil resting places and pave the way for a permanent zombie dirt nap. In the graveyards, Marston must set coffins aflame and fend off waves of shambling horrors. Each graveyard Marston cleanses will help lower the total undead population in that area, helping to ease his passage between locations.

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