Mad Office HD Review (iPad)

Game Review: Mad Office HD
Stop & Go character control
Dragon Team Interactive
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Mad office HD is the latest game from the team that brought us Spartan Hero and Tomb of Qin.

There is a basic story to the game; in a nutshell the story across the road from your offices is having a 99% off sale.  Obviously these bargains are too big to miss. Unfortunately the boss is not going to let you shirk your daily duties.

As every good employee knows, if your boss doesn’t see it then it didn’t happen.  In that vein, you must sneak past the boss and get to the sale.

Although the task doesn’t change, there are several different employees that want to go to the sale. Each employee has their own walking style. Some are quick and others are slow. You need to take the movement speed of each employee into consideration when escaping, otherwise you might not be able to hide when the boss turns around or you may miss the quick getaway by waiting too long to start moving again.

Although the game only consists of one button, there is depth to the game. You could grind each the game and eventually get the high score. However if you want a real challenge you can get bonus points for squeezing every possible second of movement from  the game before hiding. Dragon Team Interactive set out for a particular style with this game and they achieved it, the animation is fluid and the colours are vibrant. There is only one small issue with one of the characters, which is whenever this character moves you can see a black line behind him, it doesn’t affect the game play and is clearly just something that was left behind from the character model. While there is little to actually do in this game, there are good ways and bad ways to play,  there is a little tutorial at the start of the game but it doesn’t really explain this rather critical aspect of the game. Mad Office HD is another iPad game that asks me to give it favourable feedback, I really don’t like it when a games does this. It always seems cheap and tacky. If I want to leave an iTunes review I will I don’t need to be prompted to do so. Another very small issue is the high score system, why is it so short? I couldn’t use my real name, or my usual gamertag. 5 characters seems far too short for a modern high score board

Not really a complaint, per se but a concern, there is an employee who whenever she stops she will open her coat exposing a low cut dress, and I could have sworn on more than one occasion there was even Dead or Alive style physics applied to her. Obviously there is no nudity in the game but I’m not sure if this is truly suitable for all ages.  I’ve included a picture below so you can make up your own mind.

This is an example of the best type of game available on the iPad, so simple that even my father who hasn’t played a game in some 15+ years managed to play and get a relatively decent score. Yet it has enough depth to keep a long time gamer like myself entertained. However I found that I would deliberately fail a round just to stop the game as it does get very repetitive very quickly. A good game in short bursts and it is available at a good price. There is also potential for more shenanigans from the office as this game has a label of episode 1. It’s unclear if there are any actual plans for a part 2 or even a part 3 but I’ll certainly look forward to t he next release.

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