Fallout: New Vegas Broken?

Before I start to show why I think Fallout: New Vegas may be broken I must inform you that I have not purchased nor played Fallout: New Vegas as of yet and by broken I mean problems with the game that make it difficult or unable to play.  After reading reviews ( I have also read PC reviews and PS3 reviews) with all the problems I searched a little more to see if anyone else was having these problems and it seems like Fallout New Vegas may be broken.  I have added some YouTube videos for you as to why I am saying this game may be broken just so you can see for yourself.  Now this game has been on my radar for a long time as I love Fallout and couldn’t wait to be immersed into the newest installment, but I will wait it out and keep my fingers crossed that the problems are resolved before laying down $60 on this title.

Now for this last one I will link to it because I do want you to be aware that this contains some language that may be unsuitable for some.  Fallout: New Vegas may not appear to be broken for some but in my book it needs to be fixed.  You be the judge as the game does seem to be working just fine for some gamers and some gamers are just plain out disappointed.

If you find any other videos that show problems with Fallout: New Vegas feel free to leave a link to it in the comment section or if you are having troubles with the game let the Platform Nation community know.



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  • So far I have not encountered any major problems with the PC version. There are times when a person will have their head blown off and the brain, eye balls, and broken jaw stay in the air and some people float, but those are minor hilarious bugs to me. Sure they should be fixed, but it’s not game breaking.

    • Cypher

      So far Ive had a few “back to desktop” crashes.

      But mostly (game ruiners) Items I purchase from vendors dont show up in my inventory and NPC sidekicks continue to attack enemies before I do even after setting their combat to “dont attack enemies before I do”

  • bO

    I have played about 7 hours so far and the only bug I have encountered is a random crash that only happened once.

  • Donald Walker

    I find the videos interesting, but you should at least play the game before deciding its critically flawled or “broken”. I’ve put 8 hours in the game (360) and yeah it has its little bugs as do all massive open world games do, but nothing a patch or two wouldnt fix. Even Fallout 3 had issues but the overall bug to entertainment value was acceptable.

  • SOL

    Wha wha wha, I’ve played 40+ hours on the 360 version and have encountered 2 bugs where I had to hard reset the system, rest has been fine going, completed the quests and side quests that I’ve come to fine….works fine here 😛

  • That last video is pretty freaky! I was able to shoot a guy whose head was sticking through tent fabric. Other than that, there does seem to be a few floating bugs. I’m sure a patch will be released soon.

  • MrMaynard

    Glad I held out. I’m going to wait for either some DLC or just picking it up for cheap one day.

  • I have encountered a bug that’s extremely disappointing: I can’t hack terminals. I can access them, but the hacking mini-game never appears; I just get the fuzzy screen effect and hear the sounds of fingers typing, but no actual text or terminal interface with which to interact. In Fallout 3, I hacked everything; in New Vegas, I literally can’t hack anything. I’m pretty sad about that.

    • Cypher

      I had that too, for both hack and lockpick but after rebooting the game it was fixed

    • c0da

      I have this same problem on the PS3 version. I’ve read that deleting/reinstalling the game data may fix it, but it didn’t for me.

    • c0da

      Found another site that says it occurs when not using the default controls. I changed mine back to default and it worked, now I can hack the terminals 🙂

      Hope this helps.

    • The Norwegian Guy

      Just found out that the only button you need to change back is “Activate”. It must be on “A” (Or “X” on PS3. I play on Xbox, but it would make sense for it to work on PS3 as well).

      • THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!! Holy sh!t, I have been ripping my hair out to get the terminals to show up!

        Why such a simple fix hasn’t been patched yet, I have no idea. They must get a kick out of listening to us complain about their half-finished game or something.

  • Ragahol

    Not sure if it’s just the disc or my Xbox is dying for the 5th time, but I can’t play it at all with a hard drive. Tells me the disc is unreadable while trying to load the character creation bits. Take off the hard drive, however, and it plays fine. Npt sure I want to leave my 40%-failure-rate console running for all 100 hours of gameplay, though.

  • Tyler

    The loading glitch is the worst. I put 18+ hours into my game. I looted all the houses and caves. Upgraded all my weapons, amour, etc. Then when I go to start up the game, it tells me the DLC is no longer there. And it crashs the game. -_- Not to mention all the other strange glitchs. Such as walking in the sky around Novac…

  • Chipoko

    16 hours in and can no longer access The Strip without crashing the PS3. They forgot to finish coding the game.

  • Joey Loperena

    I just bought Fallout New Vegas a few days ago, and the game is fun, no complaints about that. The game unfortunately keeps breaking down, its happened twice to me already. it happens around level 8 and 12 and the problem persists. This game may need to be brought back in for fixing. 🙁

  • Thanks to everyone who has responded letting the community know what problems if any they have been having.
    I still haven’t purchased a copy as I am waiting to hear if the patch fixes most of the issues when it is released.

  • Riley

    Unfortunatley the game is completely broken. After 25 hours of game play all of my save files are corrupted. About 80-85% of the 360 community can not load any saves.

  • Cypher

    To be honest I’m regretting them handing the reigns over to the Fallout 2 guys…I never had any game wreaking problems in Fallout 3

  • West

    Ya haven’t had any crashes this hole time till today where my downloadalbe stuff went away and error messages kept popping up then restarted its self a few times and now i cant get past the main menu now wont even let me play any more…

  • seamus

    i was trying to finish the “all or nothing” quest, when i had to turn on the east electrical switch. It turns out that i had already done that and now it wont let me re activate it so now i cant finish the quest can somebody please help me i have tried skipping the current objective but i couldn’t get that to work can somebody please helllp.

  • Same happened to me :/
    you haven’t found any solution, have you? 😛

  • I see that most everyone is bashing the Fallout New Vegas title, but when put against nearly any other large scale open map game on any platform I have played it has no less or more bugs. Everyone always acknowledges the bad without addressing the good. I understand some are having large issues, but me and my brother (2 separate copies) have both played the game all the way through (regular play and hardcore) to experience the multiple endings. I will admit that I have experiences a few issues. The occasional need to hard-reset and some floating bugs. Compared to Fallout 3, not much different. I actually had much more issues with the Fallout 3 GOTY Edition. After all is done, and problems aside, I still recommend the Fallout New Vegas title for any RPG/FPS fan. Very few games push this far into the ability to literally pick and choose your own destiny and because of this you are bound to have some issues compared to a linear played game. I am sure once a patch is released much of the larger problems will be addressed and handled as were they in Fallout 3.

  • played 69 hours no problems but cant do the final mission as it constantly freezes/crashes went back to the earliers saves of mine and the quests have bugged. Whoever made that pile of fecal matter should be shot in the face