Fallout: New Vegas Patch Incoming

As you might have read in my review of Fallout: New Vegas, or in any of the posts that have came up in the days after it’s release, New Vegas has issues. In a recent statement with Gamasutra, Bethesda has said,

We are currently working on releasing patches/updates as quickly as possible for Fallout: New Vegas, for all platforms.

They also said how announcements for game patches are forthcoming. Hopefully we will hear something soon because the overall number of bugs and loading issues with New Vegas paint a huge black eye on what many could consider it to be one of the best games this year. Personally I can’t wait for the patch to come out, yes I’ve beat the game but I really want to play more of it. I just won’t tolerate anymore of the issues because now I don’t have to, I’ll just play some other of the great games that have came out recently while I’m waiting for this to get fix.

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  • Scott

    The big issue I’m experiencing, as well as dozens of people on the forums at bethesda is the game save errors. For some reason when we try to load a game, we get an error saying DLC isn’t available. Then when we select yes to skip it and play without any items, it can’t find the hard drive. Everyone is getting the same exact error right about 10 – 12 hours into the game. Even people without the DLC are getting it. The game is broken in it’s current state and it’s pathetic.

    • Tyler B

      I have the exact same problem. I saved right after the fly me to the moon mission. I hope this is fixed. I really don’t want to have to restart after i’ve already put 9 hours into the game.

    • Mike

      I’m having same issue after installing Kinect device. Could be unrelated, but it does feel somewhat related. Obviously testing in this area of the game was very poor and QA isn’t a strong point. Game freezing is also still a big problem for the Fallout games as mine has also locked up 3 times during game play over the last 3 weeks.

  • Good to see they are own it so quickly.

  • I have played 33 hours so far and aside from a few clipping errors (objects intersecting with other objects) I have had zero problems. Load times are ranging from 5 seconds to maybe as long as 30 seconds depending on where I am transitioning to. No crashes, no save game issues (have over 50 save slots used). I played the first 20 hours from disk then installed to the hard drive – which oddly seems to have increased my load times by only a few seconds.
    Here is what may be different, even some of the trivial stuff, because it could cause voltage differences, etc:
    I am doing lots of side quests and not rushing through the storyline quests. I have no additional digital content for the game – bought it at Kmart which did not offer add-on packs. I am NOT running the new NXE dashboard preview that is currently underway. I have lots of free drive space – over 40 GB. I have very few disk based games installed to my hard disk. I am running on an 18 month old Elite – not a new slim model. I have not cleared my cache in at least 6 months. Video is connected via HDMI. I am only using wireless controllers and I do not use the USB ports on my 360 to charge anything or to run my controllers. My Internet connection is wired (not wireless) and is high speed (>18mb). I am connected through a router with several other devices on my home network. My Xbox is inside an entertainment center cabinet with thermostatically controlled cooling fans. Whenever any game notifies me there is an update – I always allow it to download the update. I have 4 users on my system, 2 with Gold accounts and two with Silver accounts. I do have some family controls configured related to purchasing content on XBL.
    I know much of this seems unrelated – but it may help someone who is having these problems to narrow down what is causing them – since the bugs apparently only show up on some systems and not others. If the game software is the same then the source of the problems is likely an interaction between this game and other factors such as those I listed here. I would be very interested to see a similar list from someone who is experiencing lots of problems with New Vegas – if for no other reason – to find out what I am doing right.
    I hope everyone who is having issues gets them resolved because this game is absolutely amazing. Having spent hundreds of hours in Fallout 3 – I can see the same thing happening with New Vegas.

    • Update: Ok – after only a few more hours of play, my companion got “stuck” in one location and would not follow me. My load times got long just as reported by others.

      I went to the location when my companion was stuck, told her not to follow me anymore and to meet at the Lucky 38. She went there and my problem with following and long load times went away again. This all started as soon as I finished the quest at Hidden Valley.

  • Hugh

    I blew up hidden valley with veronica inside for the ncr and then I wanted to change my companion to Boone but it said veronica was still in my party turns out she’s still in hidden valley I really want boone as my companion for Hoover dam