THQ Details Their “Fan Axxess” Deal For SVR11

With six days left until their big wrestling title  WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw 2011 releases, THQ has published a community blog post detailing everything in their huge ‘fan axxess’ deal. Fan Axxess is the best deal possible for anyone buying the latest Smackdown! title, allowing the gamer to download ALL of the game’s upcoming downloadable content and special game features (such as being able to unlock everything from the start of the game).

Just check out what THQ had to say themselves about it:

For one simple reason, you will save money! Fan Axxess is a special program that ensures you get our SmackDown vs Raw 2011 DLC (plus a few more bonuses noted below) that’s to come for a one-time single cost of 800 Microsoft Points on XBOX Live or $9.99 on the PlayStation Network. One cost, one time, no strings, post-launch DLC we release for SmackDown vs Raw 2011 over the coming months is yours. Fan Axxess pass gives you a total savings of approximately $6 (480 Microsoft Points) if you were planning on purchasing all of our DLC content.

You'll be able to get Nexus leader Wade Barrett (and other members David Otunga and Justin Gabriel) along with others for free once they are released by purchasing Fan Axxess

Be sure to check out what else you can get by purchasing the axxess package and pick it up on either the Xbox Live Marketplace or PlayStation Network Store. There might even be a few surprises included!


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  • So I’m guessing they already have all their DLC planned for the future? They would have to if they already know how much money you plan to save.

    I really do like this type of feature though, imagine if Halo or CoD had this type of thing. Pay $20 now and get all of our future DLC, it’s great! I really hope other developers and publishers take note of this.

  • Tye

    I agree. Can wait for the game its all on preorder.

  • i want nexus on ps2 and if i get dlc they are saying that it doesnt works on ps2 please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help me