Comics You Should Be Reading: Red Robin

Current Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Current Art: Marcus To and Ray McCarthy

There are tons of Batman and Bat Family comic books hitting the shelves every month. There will soon be even more when Batman Inc, Dark Knight, and Batman: Europa start in the coming months. Some people complain when one character gets so many books but if most of them are good it shouldn’t matter. Many of the Batman books are fantastic; Batman and Robin, Batgirl, Return of Bruce Wayne. My favorite Bat Family book though is Red Robin.

To catch up on who the current Red Robin is check out this article I wrote for Bat Week.

Many super heroes are reactive. Superman only goes into action when Metallo starts destroying the city. The Avengers start battling Kang after he tries to destroy them. Red Robin has set itself apart by having Tim Drake, AKA Red Robin, very proactive. Tim has a hit list of villains and he has a master plan to bring down every person on it. It is fun to see Tim’s plan unfolding throughout each issue. Fabian Nicieza does a great job of letting the reader in on enough of Tim’s plan without spoiling the big surprises. The fact that Tim has an ultimate goal makes unexpected surprises have a lot of weight. Not only does Red Robin have to deal with those surprises, he has to make sure that they don’t impact his plan.

The book isn’t all plans and villains. It is easy to forget that Tim Drake is still a teenager. He has to deal with his civilian identity and having a normal life as well. Add on the fact that he is the adopted son of Gotham City’s most famous son and Tim Drake is just as busy with his civilian life as he is with his crime fighting. The book also has plenty of humor in it as well, especially when Drake is with his “brothers.” Dick Grayson, the current Batman, is like Tim’s older brother and the two get along very well. Damian Wayne, the current Robin, on the other hand is a little terror. Damian and Tim butt heads every time they are together. Damian is trying to become a hero though, so hopefully that relationship will change.

As much as I have loved the book so far, I am even more excited for the future. Bruce Wayne is back from his long absence and is testing and observing his family. Tim has really matured and evolved into his own hero since Bruce left. Bruce has experience in having a student go off on his own, but Red Robin is a much different hero than Dick Grayson. I’m interested to see how/if Bruce will change Tim Drake’s hit list and long term plans. Also, with Bruce Wayne starting Batman Inc. will Red Robin be a part of the new crime fighting organization or will Bruce let him operate on his own? There are lots of questions and I’m excited for the answers.

Pictures via DC Comics

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