Lara Croft & The Guardian Of Light Is Getting Online Co-op

At this years E3 my favorite game experience was the new Lara Croft game.  What really struck me about it was its ability to use co-op game play as the primary focus.  I could not wait to play through it with my friends and I just naturally assumed it would come with online co-op.  Well, I was setting myself up to be disappointed.  At launch it only included local co-op.  Which definitely influenced my non-purchase decision.   I knew the developers would eventually patch in online support and just recently crystal dynamics announced a date for one such patch.  The 360 version will be receiving it next week on Oct 27th. For those of you waiting for the patch on the PS3 or PC will have to wait a little longer.  There hasn’t been an announcement made for them yet.    On a side note, because it has taken crystal dynamics so long to get this feature in the game they are offering the first DLC for free to the owners of the game.

I know personally as soon as the patch goes live on the PS3 i will definitely pick up the game.  Though I am curious how many of you readers out there have waited to buy or play this game because of this dilemma?

Source Kotaku

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