Sonic Free Riders Introduction Trailer

I had my reservations about the PlayStation Move, but I held my final judgment until I actually got my hands on it. The same goes for the Microsoft Kinect, though watching videos of press actually playing games on the hardware have me an even greater mixture of excited and dubious than with its Sony counterpart; while the Move seems like a natural progression within the line of the Wii’s play style, the Kinect, if you haven’t heard, doesn’t have any motherf’ing controllers.

And while I don’t think Sonic Free Riders will effectively be the system-seller like Wii Sports was for the Wii or Sports Champions is trying to be for the Move, I think if this game works, it will be a much greater boon for the Kinect than Kinect Adventures or Kinectimals (both links appear to be broken since the redesign yesterday). For it to sense you leaning to varying degrees, jump, spin, and whatnot is much more impressive than taking your body into a binary input for couched/not crouched or verbally abusing virtual animals, but since this is a marketing tool, this trailer should be taken with a grain of salt.

To get a better feel for how it actually feels to play the game, watch Giant Bomb‘s Ryan Davis free ride his way through a demo of the game with Sega’s David Allen. If you’re saying that the swimming bit seems the most uninspired, then you are correct! Hope remains, though, for the rest of the game. I am, however, somewhat of an optimist.

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  • gman

    that is the straightest course i have ever seen. he was dying to say how crap it was. even the guy who was tellin him what to do sounded dissapointed and embarrassed.

    • haha, I don’t know if the situation was that dire, but yeah, that course was definitely on the wrong side of the exciting-boring filter (and that’s even with the flying whales). I’m hoping it was that simple just because it was a demo, but who knows.

  • I did get to play Sonic Free Riders and I am not fan of the Kinect but surprising this game is very responsive and proved to be fun the short time I had with it. It all depended on how you calibrated the Kinect when starting up as movements really didn’t have to be as exaggerated as shown in the video. Other people did play before and after me and I don’t remember anyone swimming like that plus I did get to play it almost 2 full months after the video was taped.

    • That’s interesting. Did each person have to calibrate before playing or just on the system start up?

      • Each of us calibrated prior to playing, I was very surprised as seeing I had lousy Kinect experiences before.