How To: Set Up Your Xbox 360

Welcome to How To.  A weekly segment that aims to help the not-so-tech-savvy learn the ins and outs of their new gadgets. This week we show you How To: Set Up Your Xbox 360.

1) Position Your Xbox 360:

The 360 can be placed in a vertical or horizontal position — I prefer horizontal. Make sure where you place it, your console will have sufficient space so it stays cool and doesn’t overheat. So don’t place your 360 inside a small entertainment center — otherwise, it will overheat and red ring. You don’t want that.

2) Connect Display & Power Adapters:

Most of the newer 360’s come HDMI ready, so that’s the option we’re going to use here — mainly because it’s the best one. Grab your HDMI cable, plug it into the port on the back of your 360 that says HDMI, then connect the other side of the HDMI cable to your TV. Simple. Now, grab your power adapter, connect it to your 360, and connect the other side into your power outlet. We have life!

3) Connecting Wireless Controls:

Now, the most crucial part, how can you play a game if your controller won’t connect to your 360? First, make sure there are batteries in the controller. Next, turn on your controller by pressing the Xbox Guide button in the middle and turn on your Xbox 360. Press the connect button on the 360, which is located to the right of the second memory card slot. Then press the connect button on the controller, which is located near the top left. Both buttons are small and easily missed. Now, both the rings on your 360 & controller will flash, then stop. We are connected!

4) Setting Up Xbox Live:

Setting up Xbox Live is both simple and hard — well, too some. First, you want to connect the ethernet cable to the back of your 360, then connect the opposite side to your modem. Now, on the 360, press the Xbox guide button and go to create profile. Enter your desired gamertag and follow the on-screen steps and choose, ‘Join Xbox Live’. Follow all the on-screen steps and when you complete them all, you’re done. You have joined Xbox Live. Now, we are really connected!

5) Playing Games:

Now the fun part: playing games. Before anything, I would recommend you install your games to you HDD (Hard Drive). This will help improve loading times, and stops the disc from spinning in the disc tray: the latter improving your 360’s life span. To install games, insert the disc, press Y and choose ‘Install Game’ — it couldn’t be any simpler. When it’s done, choose ‘Play Game’. Now, go have fun!

I hope this little ‘How To’ helps out a few of the not-so-tech-savvy people out there, as we all know it can be pain to set something up when you have no clue how. Stay tuned next week when we will have another How To for setting up your PS3.

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