Minecraft Server Attacked

Early Wednesday morning, while many were likely building cathedrals and warding off creepers or just building giant Star Trek replicas, the main server for Minecraft was under siege by a DDoS attack. While it’s still unclear exactly who targeted Notch’s server and for what exact reason, some anonymous users on the infamous site 4chan have claimed to be responsible.  They cite Notch’s supposed  lack of updates to the Minecraft alpha as reason for the attack. The users demanding that he put more focus on providing frequent updates, else they prevent him from selling another copy.

Thankfully, Notch was able to work with Singlehop (his server host) to restore the server, as well as set up “a fancy DDoS protection service thing,” hopefully preventing something like this from happening in the future. Most users were able to access the main page, as well as their accounts, by Thursday evening.

While it’s unclear if these users are actually responsible for the attack, considering the anonymous nature of 4chan,  it’s more likely that the person who posted the message is simply posing as the hacker. An attempt to earn brief internet popularity by riding on the buzz about the attack.

Notch’s Twitter

[Due to nature of 4chan, posts seldom last much longer than an hour before being deleted. A source for the 4chan post in question can be found here]

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