Unsung Heroes – Vol. 9

Awhile back in Unsung Heroes – Vol. 7, we saluted the Medics of war for their bravery and courage on the battlefield. They put it all on the line to keep you alive to fight another day. Well they can’t always keep up with the barrage of gunfire and hand-grenades. Sometimes we die and there’s nothing they can do about it. Even these heroic soldiers can’t make miracles happen, but this week’s Unsung Hero can! Let’s give a round of applause (and prayer) for the Angels!!

Now before you get your choir robes in a bunch, I’m not here to lecture you about religion, but to enlighten you a bit about the afterlife (in games that is). As I’m sure a lot of you may know, Angels come from Heaven. They serve God in the fight against all that is evil like Satan, terrorists, dragons, darkspawn, and Justin Bieber. Luckily for us, God has saved aside a couple of Angels to help us out in the video game universe. These Angels pick up where the Medics have failed.

"Just because I'm holy doesn't mean I can't kick ass."

Ever wonder how on earth you can “respawn” when you are playing a game? Yeah, sometimes games let you restart from the last checkpoint, and that is another story for another day, but sometimes that isn’t an option. You can’t chalk it up to the game code. Seriously, the programmers aren’t Gods. They can’t bring you back to life any more than the Medics can. But, the Angels can! They use their holy powers given to them by God to revive your fallen character. Don’t believe me, play Too Human. They actually show themselves when you fall in battle. The Angels glide down from the sky and in a display of divine beauty, they reanimate the body of your fallen hero. Most times though, you don’t get to see this. It’s all just driven by faith.

You'll see this Angel a lot if you play Too Human!

So the next time you’re playing a round of free for all in your favorite fps and die by the hands of the enemy, rest assured that your Guardian Angel is watching over you and will be there to bring you back to life.

Angels, I Salute You!

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