You Broke My Game… Or Did You

I finally forced myself to finish (not complete) Borderlands the other night. Got to the Vault Boss, “The Destroyer” and knew just based on it’s size, I was probably in for a hell of a fight. I died several times, then by chance stumbled into a safe zone. You see this boss has a laser attack that follows you around the screen and quickly depletes your energy.  In front of him there are two rather large pillars with a slight curve to them. I was able to stand behind one of theses and take shots at The Destroyer completely safe from his attacks, turning an otherwise difficult fight into a very simple one.

That was just one example of how some games might feel broken, but what about ways to “break” a game that are intentional. These can make you feel almighty, and actually increase the level of fun found in a game. An example would be the “Mega Buster” in the first Dead Rising. Once you were able to acquire this weapon there was NOTHING that stood in your way. You could blast through zombies and psychos with relative ease. Sure it took all the challenge out of the game, but it also made it a hell of a lot more fun. Let’s not forget games like “Eternal Darkness” that was laced with “glitches” that would drive any normal gamer mad. Falling through floors, thinking your memory card was being erased. That game is still one of my favorites simple for all the ways that it used to intentionally mess with the player. And of course how could I not mention the Psycho Mantis fight from Metal Gear Solid.

I love Borderlands, and have now purchased it twice. I have nothing against the way that game plays, however this feels like a broken section. Granted I was rather glad to find this safe spot so that I could more easily kill the beast, but it felt like I had cheated. Do the developers know of this spot? Did they leave it there intentionally, or was that fight broken in some way. Dead Rising on the other hand was a pain for me. I never actually finished it myself, but probably would have stuck with it longer had there been an easier way to attain the Mega Buster earlier in the game.

Some games you just have to patch no matter what. Every time there is a COD release, there are patches right behind it. Most of these involve the multiplayer side of the game. You simply cannot have glitches that allow players to faze through walls or floors in order to pad out their kill streaks. That is flat out cheating, and it should be squashed as soon as feasibly possible.

At the moment there is a huge uproar over Fallout New Vegas being broken, and rightfully so. It’s hard to play a game that consistently crashes on you or where you have crazy glitches. On the flip side of that was Red Dead Redemption. The glitches from that game are well documented and totally crazy, however it only makes that game all the more fun. It kinda makes you wonder if devs sit back and watch the fan reaction to certain “flaws” in their games to see if they want to fix it, or just roll with it.

What other game breaking bugs are out there, both good and bad? What’s the best/worst glitch you have ever come across personally?

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