More Extra Life Gaming Today!

What, you thought all the Extra Life gaming happened last weekend?  Well, you were quite wrong! In fact, over a third of all Extra Life marathoners will be going this weekend, including yours truly.

To date, Extra Life has raised over $445,000 for sick kids in the Children’s Miracle Network; a staggering number! The Platform Nation team has raised almost $2000 so far, and the best part is it’s not too late to donate! If you were waiting for the next paycheck, or your buddy to pay you back, or to hit the Mega Millions, then you have until November 15th to drop a donation for Team Platform Nation.  Hop over, pick your favorite P*N gamer, and help the cause.

I have details at on which game consoles I’ll be playing when, so you can get an idea of when to sign on to see some of the goods.  I will try to get a game list up so that folks in the stream chatroom can make requests, but if not, I’ll try to keep it well rounded.

If you want to see other people play, you can always check out the Extra Life blog, which has a list of everyone streaming their gameplay.

So take some time, hop over to my video feed, and give me a shout to keep me going.  I hear the last few hours are the toughest, so don’t forget about me if you’re up late!

Better yet, if I’m on the 360, come find me and play – my gamertag is vttym.

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