Gaming Confessions: Arcades

This week’s confession: I own a copy of the Simpson’s Arcade game.

This isn’t a confession that I am not ashamed to admit. Some of you may think I am referring to the PC version of one of the several re releases that has happened over the years. I own an actual arcade cabinet from 1991. There are a few foibles with the machine; after all it is just under 20 years old. There is a little screen burn, Bart’s attack button sticks and someone has scratched the word “TURD” into the serial plate at the back.

Some may see these things are disadvantages but I see them as unique features. No one else will have a machine exactly the same as me. It has always been a life ambition to own a room full of arcade cabinets and pinball machines; sadly I don’t have the space of the finance to achieve my goal.

I think that Palette-Swap Ninja sum the whole situation up nicely with their song Arcade Gaming Shrine.

On a side note, I think that it is a sad situation that there is now a generation of gamers growing up without local arcades to visit. Obviously it would be impractical for every town or city to have an arcade but there should be at least one in every major town or capital. Recently I was on holiday in Blackpool. The entire promenade is full of what used to be arcades. All the arcades are still there but instead of being filled with fun and new games, they are filled with gambling machines. Some pay out money others pay out tickets, but is this really the arcades that we want to remember? While there was the occasional Guitar Hero arcade cabinet and several DDR variants there was nothing new. There wasn’t even a Street Fighter cabinet.

It is a sad realisation that Arcades or at least Arcades as I remember them are dying breed, so it leaves me with a predicament. Should I restore my arcade machine to its former glory or leave it as it is as a monument to what has been and gone?

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